Sunday, July 31

Taking 10 mins

And writing this post. It is a continuation of yesterday's. I spent all weekend with Phil and G. I am in such adoration of G. I don't know about Phil. He's certainly got his head in the right place. We talk about things (in the relationship) that I have never had the courage/been in the right place to discuss with someone else.
I do like that.
We got all of our skeletons out early. Done. I just do not want to fall for another boy that goes away. I think he feels the same, he says he does.
I do not love him yet. Thankfully. That's not really easy for me - everyone knows I am impulsive. I am relaxed around him. I enjoy his company. Heck, I slept while I was at his house and I do not sleep around people. I napped. While everyone was up and moving about. That's so not normal. It was good.
If Peewee taught me anything (and oh did he) it's not to count my chickens before there are even eggs. We have a foundation to build for a relationship before I can count on a relationship. He's doing better, coming out of his shell. I am trying to not be so defensive.
Let's see where this goes.

With Love Always


  1. Your post yesterday broke my heart, sweets. I hope you told Phil what being around G this whole weekend did to you as a birthmom! (I assume since you just said you got all the skeletons out, that he knows about your biggest living "skeleton.") I'm glad that you're so comfy around him - I think you need that right now. And thank heavens you're not falling for him very fast! You're right about needing to take things slow. BTW, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. I love you too, and I promise that I'll text the next time I have a hard day.

  2. He and I definatley talked about it. Its one of the things I dig- we talk about everything. He knows I m hurting. He understands. Im writing one of my whimiscal thoughtful 'notes in my purse' kinda things now, so he must be working his way in.