Tuesday, April 19


My adoption life is sort of in a holding pattern right now. I have heard nothing. Today is H & T's anniversary. For some reason that really makes me angry.
So, since I have no real adoption news, I will talk about the rest of my life. I guess that is the direction this blog is heading.
I am in the midst of a week of interviews for a new job. Everything from sporting goods to floor tile. I expect at least one offer this afternoon, possibly another tomorrow. I will be employed soon and then I can stop stressing quite so much over money.
The boyfriend is officially enlisted. That one sentence both delights and terrifies me. This is what he needs to do for himself. This is the RIGHT move for him. I am proud of him. But I am selfish and it hurts. I NEVER wanted to be an Army g/f. I want him around. I don't know if I am strong enough to do this and not cheat . I am so used to having my boyfriend around. Yes, I love him. I also hate him just a bit right now. Who the hell thinks it is fair to just go and join the Army 5 weeks into a relationship? Not him, I know. He doesn't expect me to wait. He wants me to, would love to have me here, but he knows this is not ideal. I have friends who wills stand by me and help with the lonely. I can do this. I will do this. This will work. I hope. 

Any advice? Anyone?
With Love Always

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