Monday, April 11

Another Let Down

T called me last night, which might be some sort of miracle. Of course, it was 11:30 here, so 2:30 AM there. I could not bring myself to deal with her drama then. I knew if it was an emergency, she would text me, and she didn't so I let it go and decided I would call her today. I awoke to another missed call and a text that said 'Call me ASAP'. What did she need? Heh. To ask me if I was going to court when they go to finalize. Really?  She didn't have a date or time, so it was kind of a moot point. We had all of a 2 minute phone conversation. No mention of B or how he is doing or that she is being a bit harsh.
This is not the adoption I signed up for. I was really hoping she was calling to tell me she was sorry, or that maybe we should work on this or...something. No.
Three weeks until the BirthMom Buds meetup in NC. Then the following weekend is Birthmother's Day and the get together for that here. Neither will be easy for me, not with the state my adoption is in (i.e. BROKEN!), but I will plow through like I do everything.

With Love Always

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