Thursday, April 7

Open Adoption Roundtable #25

Over at Production, Not Reproduction it is time for Open Adoption Roundtable #25. This rounds question is thus:
Has open adoption ever felt like too much? Have you ever wanted to walk away?
Yes. More times than I can ever admit. More than the adoption I have wanted to walk alway from his parents.    I guess they walked away from me.
Maintaining a relationship such as OA is is no easy task. There are updates and rules and strange roles for each side to play. I tend to just walk away when I am uncomfortable with anything. I don't know that he benefits (would benefit?) from having me in his life. I don't know where to try and put myself in the realm of his siblings. It seems it would be easier to just throw in the towel, trust the family I have turned my heart over to, and walk away. Except that I have a hunger, insatiable as it is, to know what and why and how and when my (their) child is doing.

With Love Always


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