Thursday, March 10


We had a new face at group tonight. I can't divulge many of her details due to the confidentiality of the person involved, but being in middle school and pregnant is scary.
I know, DUH. I just forgot what being that young is like at all, and I am so glad that at that age sex was not involved in my life. This poor girl is set against placement. I cannot convey to her what having a child that young really can do. She was screaming for a hug, for help, for guidance. I wish I could say more, but I do not want to violate her trust.
Then I think about what she would put a perspective adoptive couple through. Being 13, she will be wishy washy. I can only imagine the heartache that would cause. My heart breaks all the way around. I hope this is NOT where we are headed as a society. The 'father' of this baby is "somewhere less than 20" (she would not say how old, and that is her prerogative). Please, oh please, let someone get to her that has the right words.
Those of you that are the praying type, she needs it. She needs so much. She loves this baby, so I do not see her harming him/her. (I hate calling babies 'it'.) She needs a positive loving guiding force in her life. Those of you who have kids even close to this age range, go hug them for me please. This whole situation is just sad.

With Love Always


  1. We had a similar situation looking for a mentor recently. I just can not imagine what it would be like to be that young and have to make the types of decisions she is going to have to make.

  2. Give No-No some love for me. Oh sweet innocence.

  3. I cannot imagine. And the fact that the "father" is less than 20 (somewheres) leads me to believe that this is NOT a molestation/rape situation. That would be bad too. I will pray. This whole thing just frightens and saddens me.

  4. No, she was talking about marrying the father, so it is a 'love' (from a middle school perspective) relationship.

  5. Will do Debbie. I hope he never looses that innocence! :)