Tuesday, March 15

I Should Be Greatful

I suppose the great Lent giving up did not last nearly long enough.
I am having a lot of guilt. I do not want to move. I have been bottling this up for a few weeks, but as of right this second I do not want to move. I know it is just depression speaking. I do not want to face whatever H&T are, as a couple or not. I want to avoid it.
I do not admit to being depressed, if I can help it. This time, though, it is kicking my butt. I do not want to get out of bed, eat, pack or anything else. The anxiety is overwhelming sometimes. My car is having mechanical issues, so I feel trapped at home. I am supposed to go out with a male friend tomorrow, but I really do not want to. I also have horrible anxiety about canceling on him. I was supposed to give that up!
I want to dig my heels in and scream 'You can't make me move' except that, well, no one is making me move. I am choosing this all on my own.

I am going to do the 'Happy Moments" blog share from We Heart life because I need to look on the positive (Thanks Monika )

*I had a relaxing weekend with a friend.
*I had group with my girls.
*There was the epic conversation with my brother that involved a bottle of wine and some jager.
*I went to an awesome birthday party.
*My doggy does not have cancer. He is such a soul.
*I did not get earthquaked/tsunami-ed/flooded/burned/catch the plague.
*The pain and goodness that I felt when getting my newest tattoo. I had a friend with me that also allowed me to revel in the therapy of it.

I need to work on this 'Amaze Yourself' thing. It is tough. I recommend everyone try it, even if only for a day. Well, except Coley! She has her own charge in life.

With Love Always


  1. Love it, girlie. I even "love" the fact that you shared about your anxiety and depression. I struggle with that stuff sometimes too, and I think that it helps to get it out there. To admit it to someone other than yourself. Love you!

  2. I know it can be super hard to find the positive sometimes but I'm glad you did. And thank you for linking to me. :)