Monday, January 31


'Evening Ladies (and gents, if there are any!)
Tonight we shall discuss interracial adoption.It will not be PC. Forgive me.
 My son was adopted by an interracial couple. Mom is white, Dad is black. His older siblings (the foster kids they adopted) are black. His younger are the twins, they are mixed. The kids, when all together with Mom and Dad, look like his kids (the older 2), her kid (B) and their kids (the twins). I still have not decided how I feel about this. On one hand, obviously I am okay with it. I do think they are amazing parents and that they are the right parents for their children. On the other hand, I wish he could just blend into his family. I do not want him to have to explain that H really IS dad, or that he was adopted, or any other thing. His family and relations are his business.
He does look just like T, and that works in his favor. I hope (somehow) that his little sisters look like him.
Outside of B, T and H, it bothers me how little interracial adoption is ... seen (best word, not right word) in the real world. I have found children's books about adoption, but the families in them are always white throught. I mentioned that to an adoption counselor at the meetup, and her answer was that african americans rarely place. That got me to thinking...why? If they can raise their babies, what made me think that I couldn't? Is it a cultural thing? I wonder if adoption is seen as a 'white thing' from the outside. I have no answers, of course, but I would love the chance to have this conversation in the greater adoption world.
For now, where do I look for resources for B when the time comes? He is 3 now, soon he will realize he looks different from daddy. I know it is not MY job to be prepared, but the chance to makes me feel a bit better.

With Love Always,

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