Monday, March 12

One Small Step

Well, it’s official – or at least pending, whatever. The rings are bought. We shall be officially engaged within the next month, Easter is what we are going for, but my birthday may be the real day we ‘Pop the question’ if the rings are in soon enough. The wedding will, hopefully, be within a year. It will be a small ceremony, not much hoopla for now. Later, when we have the funds, there will  be a second, bigger celebration.
I’m excited, giddy, nervous. It’s not only a step for The One and I, but a step towards fighting for Sugarbutt. In a year, The One’s record can be left out of job applications, rental applications and the like. We are going to start looking for a place just after the engagement is ‘official’, but I don’t really expect to find anything feasible until he is working, so maybe a year.
Then it begins. It’s freaking on. Provided we do get a decent place in a decent neighborhood with two or  more bedrooms, we will discuss getting custody of Sugarbutt. Certainly, at least, visitation will change. Once we are a legal couple, we are going to attempt to have arrangements made that I can pick up/drop off Sugarbutt from visits. We will be doing away with the supervised requirement.
There is a long, long road ahead. Sugarbutt will (hopefully) experience some changes in his life that will not be easy for him, and I imagine not so easy for The One and I. I know that there will be  huge emotions on all sides. I think I am strong enough for this. The One knows I am not just marrying him to be with him, but to fight for that little boy too. I think he is just as excited about that as I am, after all I got a text the other day that read ‘I wouldn’t want no one [sic] else to help me raise him but u. Together we are better for him than anyone else…’. I believe that.
With Love Always,


  1. Yay!!! Im so happy for you :-)

    You are going to be a wonderful, amazing step mom. You are already a amazing girlfriend. I'm so happy your taking it to the next step!!

    Cant wait for more updates!!
    Your Twitter buddy (TeeGurl83)

  2. First of all, Yay! And secondly, Yay! I'm SO SO excited for you even though it's not official yet. Though the road will most likely be difficult as you've already said, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. You have a plan, and even if you can't really execute it yet, I know it helps to have one. You ARE strong enough to do this, and I know The One will be there to support you. As will I...and all your tweeps and peeps. You are NOT alone. We love you! <3

  3. Thanks guys! I am over the moon, so is Mr.