Tuesday, December 6


I am a complete sap, and everyone knows. Right now, just this moment, I am happy. I have faith in my future. This moment is nothing special but it is perfect. I am relaxing for the first time in a while, catching up on my blogs and my twitter. The One is sitting at the desk in the corner, painting his model and completely focused on something outside of himself and the stress of being in pain, bipolar, broke, whatever. There is music in the background, just enough noise to fill the empty space. Every once in a while I look up and catch him mouthing the words to the songs. 
Nights like tonight give me hope. We made dinner together, did the dishes, are enjoying the quiet. It's made only cuter knowing that he insists that the model goes into my cubicle at work. This is love in every sense. Anyone can enjoy a night on the town, it's a night in that makes the difference.

With Love Always

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