Friday, October 7

can i vent?

So welcome to Friday. Of course I can vent. Its my blog!
I got to work this morning and I already knew something was up. One of my cohorts (whose job I've been learning to do for when 'they go on vacation') posted a cryptic facebook message last night about joining the millions.
About 930 he called me (the cohort) and said he was laid off. This means, of course, I officiially have 2 jobs. Fucking yay. I do nott have the time to do his job too. Nor am I getting a raise. Oh, and no one had the decency to tell me that I was inheriting this. I am pissed. Very pissed.
Yeah, I am glad they know I can handle it, I am glad they trust me. I just wish someone would have discussed this with me, ya know, like adults. Job security, yes, but overload too. This makes, really, 3 people who I have to be as they laid off this person's assistant a few months ago.

With love always
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