Thursday, June 30

Sometimes enough is just too much.

Hi again! Since last we talked, things have changed a bit.
T has commented on my FB that she misses me. Now before I sound like an ungrateful whiny witch, I said none of the things I am about to say here to her.
Really? You miss me? I didn't change my number, my address, anything. I was even moving closer to you. BUT YOU STOPPED THAT! You miss me? I've written you and begged for contact. Don't think I can just put this all behind me and pretend nothing happened. I miss you too, I miss your family. I've also grown to know that I am worth a little more than the disrespect you threw at me. I love you. I always will. I love B more. I always will, yet I am pissed at your simple, easy revelation.
Oh, he started preschool. Yeah, another thing I got to not know about. I hope he is smart like me.

Chris and I have officially split. It was/is for the best, but I am here missing him a little. I suck at lonely. I'm working on fixing it though. Ray and I are still talking, who knows where that will lead. I'm not jumping into another half-assed relationship any time soon (HOLD ME TO THAT!). We flirt and laugh and smile and kiss and...well, that's all you need to know.

I'm singing karaoke for the first time EVER tomorrow. This can't be good. I am also taking Ray. This makes me nervous. Lord how much I am gonna hear that he is better/cuter/funner than Chris. I might blush. I like to blush.

How do I respond to T's missing of me? Anyone?

With Love Always,

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  1. Argh. I know you want to strangle her 'cause I want to as well. Or something violent. Maybe just shake some sense into her. I would keep your response to T simple. Concentrate on the positive fact that she's gotten some meds and that she's actually responding to the fact of you in her life now. Say you missed her too and are glad to be hearing about B again. I'm thinking that will rub it in more than any scolding on your part would do. I hope so, anyway. I'm holding you to no serious relationship any time soon! Think of him as an fwb. That should help. Even if he's the only fwb you have at the time, if you don't think of him as a potential love interest (even if he might be somewhere down the road - a love, that is) you might have more luck keeping Ray at the distance he needs to be, at least for now! <3 you!