Wednesday, June 1

letter, part 2

My letter, this time to H
Hey. I know we've never been really close but I don't know where else to turn. T seems to have written me out of your lives and has told me she wants no contact from me. I know that any misunderstanding between her and I does not involve you and I do not expect you to resolve our issues. I just want to know that I have an open line of communication with you.
I will tell you, as I have told T, that I have no intention of 'stealing' B from you guys. No matter the situation you guys are in, you are the only family he has ever known. My love for B would never allow me to take that from him.
I was told that I would be hearing from the adoption lawyer two months ago. Any news on that? How is everyone? The twins are beautiful. I can't believe how quickly everyone is growing up.
I miss you all. If you also want no contact from me, I will respect that. I do intend to continue sending Blake cards and letters. I hope with all of my heart that he does get them and that you guys are kind enough to save them for later.
Thanks for everything.
With love always,
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  1. Excellently written. Let us know what the response is. (There'd better be one!)

  2. I agree with Amber. I'm so glad you wrote to H!