Wednesday, March 9

Things I Have Noticed

I have tried to write a long, official post. I just do not have it in me today. Instead, we will have bullet points that I may expand on and make a real post later.

*I am on the twitter a lot. I know birthmoms, adoptive moms, moms in waiting, paper preggos, all of it. They are ALL awesome people.
*Everyone has something to teach you if you just shut up long enough to listen.
*Most adoptive moms I have met have incredible respect for their child's birthfamily.
*I have yet to pack anything but my pjs.
*Charlie Sheen is a great spectacle until I realize he is suffering from some sort of medical condition and/or addiction. Then he is just sad.
*Moving across country is a great way to make new friends. I have made more in the past month than I made the whole time I lived here. Thanks.
*I watched a show called "Transgendered and Pregnant" last night. It blew my mind. I then had a conversation on my facebook about bio-males lactating. Also blew my mind.

Ok, shower time.

With Love Always

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  1. I hope you DO blog about some of these things! I'd love to read your thoughts! (And seriously...if I used Twitter, I'd totally follow you.)