Tuesday, March 11

What a Difference a Year Makes

It's been almost exactly a year since I've dropped into my little corner of the internet, it seems. I've been kept away by a much needed redesign over here, mostly to my sidebar. I was avoiding removing my ex from it, for some odd sentimental reason. It wasn't nearly that hard. Now there's a bit of a spruce up that went with it, but I know the design of this blog could use some help. Maybe one day.

I need to write, I've got things to get out. I will draft my first post here in just a bit, but a quick update is necessary. I have had a little communication thought T, though nothing earth shattering. They have moved, so I don't even have a good address to send presents anymore. I wonder if they would give me their new one, but I am afraid to ask. They never did get divorced. I guess that's a plus, though I hesitate to really know.

I am hanging in here. I've done a lot of thinking this past year, hopefully a lot of growing coupled with it. I am dating someone new-ish . We're quickly approaching 6 months together. He knows about Monkey and held me while I cried through the Bad Months (Sept-Jan, if anyone is new here. The run of back to school season-Monkey's birthday-Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas is just awful). We'll see where that goes. I did get my own place, a one bedroom apartment with two cats and a frog. It has been healing.

With that, off to write I go

With Love Always,

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