Friday, January 13



I have taken a step backwards today. The ex’s brother (officer brother) was arrested last night for forcible sodomy. This has shaken me so much, not only in my life but in my adoption journey.
Yup, I found a way to tie Monkey into all of this. Also, a lesson in why you should FINALIZE YOUR STINKING ADOPTION. Or, I mean, why things could be better.
Monkey and Officer Brother share the same last name. Officer Brother was a cop in the town Monkey lives in. He has an uncommon last name, one shared by Monkey. See where this is going? This story is getting a lot of local coverage. I just want, more than anything, for Monkey to not somehow be associated with it.
I used to be ok with them not finalizing. It is their family and their choice, blah blah blah. Now? Seriously. Get this crap done.

I guess it just goes to show that you never know who people really are. There are always new pains/fears in adoption.
With Love Always

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