Thursday, July 14

I am

Stolen idea from Production, Not Reproductio (link added soon)

I am from ligtning bugs, from sweet tea and bullfrogs
I am from backyard barbecues in sweltering summers
I am from morning glories,the house rocking thunder, blinding lightning
I am from blue Christmases, small noses, from Cherie, the Logans and the Wrights
I am from short & stout and too hardheaded for words
From you can be anything you want to be and Love Thyself Last
From backwoods Southern Baptists and Flying Spaghetti Monster nonsense
I am from Rock Hill, Ireland, watermellon and collard greens
From 'Flap your arms like a chicken' hillariousness, Grandpa bread and the pain of losing
I am from night fishing, secret languages, and 'Grab The Crab'
I am undefinable, bonds never broken, hope flowing freely
I am amazing, intense and weak

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1 comment:

  1. You are amazing. So much history in so few words. What a great post!