Tuesday, January 11

Jumping in, with both feet

Well, here I am! For those of you who know me, you know this is my style. For those who don't, welcome. I am Debbie. I jump in with both feet and don't realize I shouldn't have until the splash has splooshed. I don't know how regular this blog will be, or what it will be about in the end. All I know is here I am, giving this a shot.

My story tends to not be simple. Feel free to ask questions along the way if something doesn't make sense. For now the characters are as follows.
Me - I am 24, livin in Seattle, birthmom to an amazing 3 year old boy (see that cutie over there?), struggling to find my way. I sell car parts by day, and I am a twitter junkie by night.
Erik - The on again off again boy, father to birthson, 23 year old who specializes in frustrating me
Jeff - Younger brother. Twenty-two years old. He has no ambition or desire to be independant.
Mom - Not eager to let go of her role as 'mom' and realize her children are adults.
T- Blake's adoptive mom. I love her to infinity and beyond.
H - The adoptive dad. I don't talk to him much.

For now, I live in (momentarily) snowy Seattle. I am hoping to move back to Va where the birthson (Blake) is by April. This state just isn't home. It's gonna take some doing, but if everything falls into place, I have a plan to make that happen. There aren't many outside of internet land who know I am planning the grand escape, so let's just keep that between us, ok?

I suppose that's enough for now. Tomorrow, hopefully, I will relay my adoption story. I love telling it. It's not often I have people to listen.

With Love Always

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